Xiaoyu Liu

Xiaoyu Liu

Company: Biogen

Job title: Scientist


Panel Discussion: Evaluation of the Current State of Play of Preclinical In Vitro Models 10:00 am

Comparing the benefits of in vitro microglia (iMGs), organoid microglia (oMGs), and xenotransplanted microglia (xMGs) Evaluating existing in vitro systems for modelling neuroinflammation and neurological disorders in humans Exploring future implications for advanced preclinical model developmentRead more

day: Conference Day One

Exploring New Workflow to Incorporate Human Data, Experimental Evidence & Known Biology for Better Target Identification & Increase of the Probability of Success for Drug Development 12:00 pm

Attendees will review current progress on neuroimmunology drug discovery workflow and discuss: How to properly utilize multi-omics studies, genetics and clinical data for CNS target identification How to perform target screening with utilization of novel CNS experimental models How to prioritize/rank targets based on known CNS disease biology with existing literature and databaseRead more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day (C+D)

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