Partnership Opportunities

Looking To Position Yourself as a Leader Within Neuroimmunology?

With growing investments into the neuroimmunology space, neuroscience biopharma companies are eager to hear about the novel and innovative collaboration strategies available to help accelerate their pipeline of neuroimmune-targeted therapeutics. By partnering with the 5th Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit, you will unlock vital opportunities to showcase your valuable services to an extensive network of prospective partners across discovery, preclinical, translational, and clinical neurological drug development.

Past Partners Included:

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Neuroimmunology Drug Developers Need Your Help With:

  • Neuroinflammatory biomarker selection & development
  • In vivo and in vitro modeling of neuroinflammatory disorders
  • Live neuronal cell assaying and analysis
  • Clinical and preclinical support to accelerate neuroimmune-targeted therapeutic product development
  • Genetic analysis and characterization of neuroinflammatory components and pathways

And more!

Why Partner?

Demonstrate your expertise to a wider audience of industrial neuroimmunology drug developers in need of your crucial services

Take advantage of extensive networking opportunities on offer to build vital relationships for future neurological therapeutic development and generate new business leads

Establish yourself as the go-to commercial partner for neuroimmunology drug developers