Partnership Opportunities

Looking To Position Yourself as a Leader Within Neuroimmunology?

CNS drug discovery is booming. With increasing evidence of the role of the neuroimmune system in neurodegenerative disorders, big pharma and innovative biotech's actively investing more than ever before in neuroimmunological R&D.

With specialized and engaged attendance from neuroimmunology experts across discovery, preclinical, translational, and early clinical research, this event provides an unmissable opportunity to expand your network of potential partners and define the next steps for accelerating the next wave of neuroinflammatory-targeted therapeutics into clinical trials.

2024 Partners:

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Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation Biopharma Need Your Help With:

Neuroinflammatory biomarker services to monitor and evaluate preclinical and clinical outcomes

iPSC-derived glia and neurons for drug screening and investigating neuroinflammatory targets

In vivo and xenotransplanted models to improve pathology understanding & optimize translation into the clinic

3D cultures and brain organoids to recapitulate complex neuroinflammatory environments

Preclinical and clinical CROs with CNS and neuroimmunology expertise

Why Partner?

Partner with the Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit to:

Showcase your solutions to an exclusive group of neuroimmunology decision makers from leading biopharma actively asking for high-level support

Stand out from your competitors in this increasingly competitive field by demonstrating your specific neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation experience and solutions

Elevate your company’s brand exposure in the field and demonstrate your ability to specifically overcome translational challenges and progress CNS candidates into the clinic

Who Could You Meet?