Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner?

The 4th Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit is the fastest route to in-depth discussions with organizations prioritizing drug discovery and development. This meeting provides an unmissable opportunity for your brand, your message, and your reputation to be showcased in front of the leading minds of the rapidly growing field of Neuroimmunology.

Who Attends?

Having advanced access to the attendee list means we can help you organize pre-scheduled 1-2-1 meetings with essential individuals to your business development objectives, so you can start the conference ready to maximize every moment.

NIDD Companies Attending (4)

What Do Our Attendees Need Help With?

Discovering emerging biomarker technologies better for neuroinflammation

Improved streamlining and translatability of preclinical models

Enhanced imaging ligands to allow better visualisation of brain structures and how they are impacted by neuroinflammation

Greater in-vivo likelness of in vitro iPSC-derived cell models to improve translatability of preclinical research to develop therapeutics

There are plenty of partnership opportunities available to enable you to:

Showcase your brand with a branding or speaking opportunity

Demonstrate your thought leadership and unparalleled technological solutions to drive your brand exposure to another level

Secure an exhibition booth

Showcase your expertise and alert industry leaders to your technological solutions to help streamline their processes

Get involved in targeted networking

Build relationships with senior-level decision makers from your target market to ensure you smash your 2022 business objects by getting exposure for your expertise in neuroimmunological technologies