April 17-18, 2019
Boston, USA





About Event

As drug developers are investing time and money into exploring chronic neuroinflammatory targets, it is essential for the right investments to be made.

At the Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit (NIDD), you’ll hear from 18+ world class speakers and neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation experts from the field’s most active and innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help you overcome your neuroimmunological drug development challenges.

Attend NIDD to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of neuro-immuno biology and pathology with Sanofi and Alector
  • Validate identified genetic neuroimmunological targets to pursue those with clinical potential with Merck
  • Establish robust biomarkers of neuroinflammation for early detection and to monitor disease progression with AbbVie
  • Explore established and novel preclinical models to better recapitulate human disease states with Eisai
  • Optimize drug delivery and targeting neuroinflammation using blood-brain barrier technologies to reduce peripheral risk and increase target engagement with United Neuroscience

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Focused on translating your neuroimmunological research into clinically effective drug development, NIDD will provide the perfect platform for interactive learning, debates and fruitful conversations that will guide your future choices and development.