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What is the Focus of the Summit?

Helping you to harness key technological and mechanistic advances in neuroimmunology to effectively target neuroinflammation for CNS indications and translate therapeutic candidates into the clinic

What Can You Expect From this Digital Event?

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Discuss the translation of therapeutic efficacy in neuroinflammation and the importance of identifying the best biomarkers and relevant models to ensure clinical trial success with Denali, Merck, Biogen and EMD Serono

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Elucidate the role of astrocytes as a source of new targets and discuss what are we missing to push forward new discoveries in astrocyte biology with Shane Liddelow

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Discover what has recently been uncovered in terms of microglial dynamics and the validation of agonist tools to study TREM2 gain-of-function in various translationally relevant cell-based systems, with Merck, Alector and Marie-Eve Tremblay
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Uncover advances in spatial transcriptomics and spatial proteomics and how we can best implement them in humans rather than mouse tissues with Takeda
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Explore the therapeutic implications of targeting inflammasomes across CNS disorders with Rebecca Coll, Michael Heneka and Shaperon
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Hear how we are deploying immuno-neurology in clinical case studies for CNS diseases with Denali, Alector, Sanofi and AZTherapies

Who Attends?

EMD Serono

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