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Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit – What You Could Have Expected in 2024?

Neuroimmunology discovery has continued to expand over the past year, with emerging and continued biology and target investigation against TREM2, RIPK1, ferroptosis, NLRP3, LRRK2, and beyond. However, there are still significant translational barriers to overcome to see clinical success of neuroinflammatory modulators and tackle the huge unmet patient need in neurology.

Characterizing and harnessing functions and interactions of microglia, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and infiltrating adaptive immune cells are key to discovering and developing therapies to treat underlying neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and beyond.

Attendees joined 100+ biopharma experts from Alector, Lundbeck, Vigil Neuroscience, Biogen, BMS, Muna Therapeutics, Pipeline Therapeutics, PTC Therapeutics, and more, to break down novel glial biology and neuroinflammatory target investigation, adapt immunity contributions, state of the art microglial iPSCs, humanized rodent models, neuroinflammatory biomarkers, and early clinical learnings to optimize neuroimmunology translation and develop transformative therapeutics for neurological disorders.


2024 Agenda Highlights Included:

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Hear new clinical updates from ongoing trials for Alzheimer’s Disease and multiple sclerosis, detailing clinical data, trial design rationale, patient stratification, and TREM2 target engagement with Alector, Vigil Neuroscience, and Pipeline Therapeutics


Discover immunocompetent brain organoid and 3D culture development to recapitulate and investigate complex in vitro neuroinflammatory environments with Herophilus and Roche

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Deep dive into neuroinflammatory biomarkers against TREM2 and other neuroinflammatory targets to stay up-to-date with biomarker discovery, and validation with clinical outcomes with Lundbeck and Merck


Explore increased representation on cutting-edge functional understanding and therapeutic development against reactive astrocytes with Sanofi, UCL, and IMNEWRUN


Discuss and debate in vitro and in vivo preclinical model complexity, limitations, and reverse translation case studies to optimize successful translation neuroinflammatory-targeted therapeutics into clinical trials with Eisai, Regeneron, and EMD Serono

Who could you meet in 2025?

As the leading industry meeting for the neuroimmunology drug development community, this summit is the best opportunity to enjoy face-to-face interactions with past peers and new connections to create and strengthen novel relationships to shape the future of neuroinflammatory-targeted therapeutics.


What Your Neuroimmunology Peers Have to Say

“This is a useful "working-level” conference that covers many of the emerging themes in neuro-inflammation, including preclinical and early translation challenges and opportunities.”

Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, Clinical Development, Pipeline Therapeutics

“Great opportunity to discuss the emerging data in this complex biology in a translational setting and discuss how to translate this knowledge into novel therapeutic targets.”

Senior Research Associate, Operational Leadership Team, ARUK-UCL Drug Discovery Institute

“Neuroimmunology has tremendous potential in the development of therapies for devastating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS. The space is already large but is gaining momentum with increased interest to researchers, clinicians, and the VC community. This conference provides both a forum for people in the field to exchange ideas and wonderful introduction to those entering the field.”

Chief Executive Officer, Inflammasome Therapeutics

“It was intimate and the right size to have really good, engaging discussions. Most conferences you don’t get to ask questions but this was great”

Principal Scientist, Ventus Therapeutics

“It was a very interactive conference where I could do networking and exchange a lot of knowledge and experience in the field.”

Associate Director, Daiichi Sankyo

“I thought this was a very well-organised event and of a perfect size for meaningful discussions and introductions. The speakers were engaging and covered a highly relevant range of topics and targets.”

Scientific Executive Director, Preclinical Sciences, Neuroscience TRC, Bristol Myers Squibb