Pharma & Biotech’s Definitive Forum to Improve the Translation of Neuroinflammatory-targeted Therapeutics

Investigating Neuroimmunology Pathophysiology, Innovating Glial Cell Models & Optimizing Neuroinflammatory Biomarkers

As large pharma companies turn to prioritize their R&D investments into neuroscience and capitalize on the CNS momentum, it is an exciting time for neuroimmunology drug discovery.

With advances in understanding neurological pathophysiology, leveraging patient data, and using single-cell technologies to understand spatial and temporal microglia heterogeneity, neuroimmunology targets, including TREM2, RIPK1, ferroptosis, and beyond are hotter than ever to develop neuroinflammatory-targeted therapeutics against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, and beyond. 

Despite ongoing innovation in the space, significant translational hurdles still remain to see the breakthrough clinical success of neuroimmunology modulators, namely a lack of disease-relevant neuroinflammatory biomarkers to correlate with clinical outcomes to de-risk lengthy and expensive neurodegenerative clinical trials.

Uniting annually 100+ CNS scientists, directors, and lab heads from SanofiVigil NeuroscienceRocheAlectorBiogenBMS, and Muna Therapeutics, the Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit is biopharma’s must-attend forum to learn, benchmark, and debate cutting-edge mechanistic insights into glial biology, innovation and applications of iPSC-derived cells and brain organoids, and leverage patient data and TREM2 clinical learnings to optimize neuroimmunology translation and develop transformative therapeutics for neurological disorders.

What were the top features to look forward to in 2024?

6 deep-dive sessions tailored to your discovery biology and translational expertise led by Lundbeck, Sanofi, Merck, Regeneron, and more

TREM2 clinical data updates and breaking down trial design and rationale with Alector and Vigil Neuroscience

New case studies beyond microglia, with sessions spearheading astrocyte function and therapeutic intervention from Sanofi, IMNEWRUN, and UCL

40+ industry and academic speakers, including new presenting companies Eisai, EMD Serono, Ventus Therapeutics, PTC Therapeutics, and Inflammasome Therapeutics

Brand-new content on immunocompetent brain organoids to recapitulate and investigate complex neuroimmune interactions with Roche and Herophilus

The 2024 40+ World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Attending Companies Included:

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Hear Why Your Industry Peers Returned:

Jim Ray

“For anyone interested in targeting neuroinflammation with therapeutics, this conference is a must. Incredible breadth of highly relevant topics and an all-star line-up of industry and academic speakers.”

Jim Ray, Director, Neurodegeneration Consortium

Capture tarel

“The Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit provides a great opportunity for scientists and stakeholders from all horizons, academia, pharma, and biotech, to meet and exchange the latest advancement in drug discovery in neuroimmunology. I look forward to an interactive and informative meeting, and I am certain that I will learn and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the outstanding group of speakers, and I hope my fellow attendees will benefit too”

Tarek Samad, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Research, Corporate Patents & Trademarks, Lundbeck

Andrew Kaplan

“I look forward to discussing the latest progress in the development of new therapies aimed at targeting mechanisms of neuroinflammation and how we can continue to innovate in this space.”

Andrew Kaplan, Senior Scientist & Lab Head, Neuroscience TRC, Bristol Myers Squibb


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