Translating Neuroimmunological Targets & Neuroinflammatory Biomarkers to Revolutionize Neurological Drug Development



Reinventing Glial Cell Models & Optimizing Neuroinflammatory Biomarker Discovery & Development

Returning for its 5th year, the Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit is excited to bring you pioneering insights from a range of brand-new speakers across the hottest biopharma in neuroimmunology to showcase revolutionizing breakthroughs in neuroinflammatory targeting.

In 2023, you will enhance your understanding of underlying glial biology and neuroinflammatory pathways, address how to improve the development and translatability of neuroinflammatory biomarkers, and decipher the most effective in vitro and in vivo models to recapitulate all hallmarks of neuroglia. 

Join 100+ neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation industry experts across numerous neurological indications to define the next steps for accelerating the translation of neuroimmunology therapeutics into the clinic.


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“Exciting opportunity to learn about the advancements in neuroinflammation and neuroimmunology and interact with industry colleagues and peers“

Matija Zelic, Senior Scientist, Sanofi

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