Translating Neuroimmunological Mechanisms into Clinically Effective
Neurodegenerative Targeting Therapeutics

More and more pharma and biotech companies are investing in research focused on neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation’s relation to neurodegenerative diseases in the challenge to develop clinically effective therapeutics.

The Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit’s agenda IS specifically designed, alongside neuroimmunology experts from the likes of Denali, AbbVie and Biogen, to help these drug developers to overcome their translational challenges and successfully translate their drug candidates into the clinic.

Immerse yourself in the field’s cutting-edge scientific advances and take this unrivalled online opportunity to join the neuroimmunological community for plenty of virtual networking and discussion on the field’s hottest topics.

To find out more and view the 2020 speaker line-up, download the 2020 event guide.

World-Class Speakers Include:

David Hansen

Associate Professor

Brigham Young University (previously Genentech)

Dimitry Ofengeim

Neuroinflammation-Lab Head


Johan Luthman

Executive Vice President, Research & Development


Kate Monroe

Associate Director and Senior Scientist

Denali Therapeutics

Malu Tansey

Director, Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease & the Parkinson’s Foundation Research Center

The University of Florida College of Medicine

Richard Ransohoff

Venture Partner

Third Rock Ventures

Robert Paul

Chief Medical Officer


Sue Bruhn

Chief Executive Officer & President

Tiaki Therapeutics

“Teriffic meeting and glad to have it on my radar” - Brett Adams, Vice President, Magnolia Neurosciences
"Very focused meeting, that accomplished a lot in two days. The presentations were high quality and organised into interesting sessions" - Sally Ishizaka, Senior Director, Eisai
'Excellent meeting! I learned a lot' - Gayathri Ramaswamy, Associate Director, Biogen

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