Malu Tansey

Malu Tansey

Company: The University of Florida College of Medicine

Job title: Director, Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease & the Parkinson’s Foundation Research Center


Panel Discussion: Are We Chasing the Wrong Phenomenon? 3:30 pm

Do we have clinical proof of neuroinflammation as an effective target for neurodegeneration? Improving target identification logic: is neuroinflammation a cause or outcome? Debating Biogen’s aducanumab implications on neuroinflammatory targets – standalone treatment or an add on? Where are the challenges in neurodegeneration/neuroinflammation drug development compared to other disease areas like cardiovascular? How do we…Read more

day: Day One

The Role of Innate Immune Dysfunction & Chronic Inflammatory Disease in Neurodegeneration 11:45 am

Exploring evidence of inflammation in neurodegeneration Age-related immune dysfunction arising from gene-environment interactions triggers chronic peripheral inflammation Discussing the need to target innate immune dysfunction without immunocompromising patients Targeting solTNF mitigates the harmful effects of diet-induced inflammation in the periphery and the CNSRead more

day: Day Two

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