Bastian Zinnhardt

Bastian Zinnhardt

Company: Roche

Job title: Biomarker Experimental Medicine Leader


Translating Novel Neuroinflammatory Molecular Biomarkers to Clinically Detect Levels of Neuroinflammation 8:30 am

As novel neuroinflammatory biomarker research progresses, it is important to assess how these indicators translate in a clinical setting. Uncover key criteria to be met when defining an effective and accurate biomarker of neuroinflammation. Attendees will review how molecular biomarkers are being used presently to detect the neuroinflammatory state of a range of neurological disease…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Roundtable Discussion: Comparing Neuroinflammatory Biomarker Development Across Different Neurological Diseases 11:00 am

One of the biggest challenges in developing neuroimmunology drugs is distinguishing between the underlying CNS pathologies and inflammatory subtypes that vary across different neurological conditions. For this session, attendees will be organized into several roundtables, each discussing how biomarkers are currently being developed to detect neuroinflammation in one of the following neurological indications: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

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